Orlando Vacation Homes Savings Tips

Still dreaming of an Orlando vacation of swimming pools, barbecues and family fun? Still have not made that happen yet? How are you planning on saying goodbye to the summer season? After all, Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. Kids head back to school. You work more and your schedule fills up. Close out the summer with the ideal vacation getaway this Labor Day!

Advantage Vacation Homes features one of the very best values in the Orlando Area Vacation Rentals with private vacation pool homes and resort condos within minutes from Walt Disney World Resort and other Florida vacation hot spots. Plus, you can take advantage of tremendous end of the summer savings right now! We are featuring pool homes starting at just $79 per night!

An Advantage Vacation Home rental experience features three to six bedroom vacation rentals with amenities that will make you feel right at home. Each vacation home boasts tastefully furnished living and sleeping quarters with fully-equipped kitchen, washer and dryer units, central air conditioning, and private, screened-in pools, all designed to make your family’s vacation as comfortable and relaxing as could be.

For those seeking a vacation resort setting, the choice is yours and the communal amenities are abundant! From the Villas at Seven Dwarf Lane to Terrace Ridge Condo Resort, from Bahama Bay Resort to Windsor Hills Resort, there’s an Orlando vacation rental for every taste and every budget, not to mention a staff team that will ensure your stay is pleasant and memorable. Whether you’re treating the kids to a Disney vacation, enjoying central Florida theme parks, or simply getting away with a group of friends, there’s something for everyone.

Experience luxury and comfort for less than a hotel stay! Why settle for stuffy hotel rooms when you can have your Disney dream vacation in comfort and convenience? And, with Advantage Vacation Homes, your Labor Day vacation getaway won’t break the bank!

“Families who have decided to come to Orlando at the end of the summer or fall have made a wise decision,” said Kevin Bradshaw, Advantage Vacation Homes Internet Marketing. “The true value in these homes is the ability to relax after a long day at the parks for a fraction of the cost of a conventional hotel room. The experience truly provides a ‘home away from home’ for families of all sizes. “

This Labor Day weekend, don’t sit at home watching another summer go by! Make those travel plans you’ve been postponing and get on the road! Treat your kids to an exciting Disney vacation getaway and let them enjoy the magic before heading back to school. Take advantage of the savings you’ll get from Advantage Vacation Homes and give this summer the farewell it deserves.

About Advantage Vacation Homes

Advantage Vacation Homes has been the provider of choice for vacation homes, townhouses, condos and resort rentals near the Walt Disney World resort since 1989. With a portfolio of properties that features one of the largest selections of vacation rentals in Central Florida, Advantage seeks to provide the highest quality of service at affordable prices to create a Disney vacation getaway that guests will cherish for year. To take enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, call Advantage Vacation Homes at 866-544-1285, or visit www.AdvantageVacationHomes.com .

Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Launch Experience

In a recent trip to the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida, one of the most anticipated activities on our list to do was the Shuttle Launch Experience, a simulation ride allowing one to see what it feels like to blast off into space.

We were required to place our personal belongings into a locker (free) prior to getting in line for the ride. After a 10 minute wait, we were ushered into an air conditioned round room surrounded by hand rails where the lights dimmed and a pre-show presentation began. Through sound effects and movies, we were “debriefed” as to what an astronaut goes through from take off to orbiting. The drama was high. The producers did a good job of building excitement.

Following the presentation, the doors opened where we lined up just outside our space module. Both the young and young at heart were full of anticipation (the kind that’s just as fun as the ride itself). Finally it was time to board. We quickly took our seats, buckled up and held tightly to the steel bars on either side of our chairs. The doors to our module closed tightly, the lights dimmed and our viewing screen opened to the outdoors.

The ride began and we were laid back, just as we would be at the time of take off, facing the sky with the tip of the orange rocket booster in view. As countdown hit the mark, we could hear and feel the explosion as we are lifted into the sky. We were shaking and vibrating in our chairs. This shaking went on for a few minutes, then as the fuel tank was released, it was still. Very quiet and very still. The top opened up to expose the earth and space around.

That concluded the ride.

I have to say that I thought it would be more dramatic than it was. At no time do you go upside down and the drama leading up to the ride was better than the ride itself. I was disappointed actually. I expected a little more fear effects or a stronger pull on my body at the speeds at which astronauts travel during take-off, but none. Maybe I’ve just seen too many movies or have an active imagination. We are told it’s very realistic, so I think I just perceived something more than it actually is.

The Kennedy Space Center is an all day (maybe two, depending on how much time you like to take at each exhibit) outing. Visit www.kennedyspacecenter.com for information.

If you’re planning to be on vacation in the Orlando, Kissimmee Florida area for a week, take advantage of the travel club membership offered through Global Resorts Network. It’s not unusual to find a 2 bedroom condo for as little as $298 for the entire 7 nights, 8 days. Many resorts are located just minutes outside the gates of Disney World and offer all the comforts of home.

Debbie Turner is an entrepreneur and Global Resorts Network home business coach and focuses on outsourcing. For details on the Global Resorts Network luxury travel club membership and business opportunity please visit www.grnreport.com, Blog: www.globalresortsnetworkblog.com Debbie can be reached at 843.270.5611

Moving to the Gulf Coast of Florida – Part 1

If you’ve ever sat there during the last few days of your Florida vacation, gazing at the clear blue waters of your own private swimming pool at your rented Florida villa, wondering how you could possibly live a life like this permanently, then please read on. What we’re about to tell you is a history of our personal journey from dream to realization of what it takes to move and live in Florida as an immigrant.

We probably started out like thousands of other immigrants to Florida; came here frequently on vacation and enjoyed it immensely. We loved the space, the laid back attitude, the wonderful weather (except for the hurricane bit!), the friendly people and the cost of living. Our home country currency was always strong against the Dollar so everything we spent our money on was effectively half the price of back home. The way we saw it, people’s quality of life in every aspect was so much better in Florida than where we came from.

The more we visited, the more we fell in love with the way of life and the location. After many trips and fantasizing about living full time in Florida we decided we wanted to make our future there. We just didn’t know how or legal aspects of such a move. That was the pivotal moment when we both agreed that on returning home we would put all our efforts into finding out as much information as possible about the correct way to emigrate to Florida.

The one piece of key advice we would offer to anyone thinking about emigrating anywhere is do your homework and do it thoroughly! Knowledge is power! It’s one thing to dream about moving to an exotic location and changing your life for the better but sometimes not everything is as it seems. Immigration rules and local laws can be very detailed and difficult to navigate without prior knowledge of the system or expert help.

Cultural divides can be much bigger than you first imagined. Staying somewhere for a short time as a visiting tourist versus immigrant status, living a normal 9-5 life, is massively different. The other thing to consider is not everyone along the way may be looking out for your best interests. Thousands of people arrive in Florida every year looking to start a new life. This large wave of ‘fresh’ residents can sometimes prove rich pickings for more unscrupulous people. However if you know your facts before you start the process, then becoming a potential victim of these types of people can be reduced to a minimum.

In the next installment, we’ll tell you how we went from half-baked daydreams to our first startling discovery of how difficult it was going to be to realize our goal.

IC endorses Keely Smith of Gulf Coast Real Estate who is a partner in Florida vacation homes to rent and Florida pages, visit us and discover why there is no other place like Florida!

Can You Really Buy a Home After a Bankruptcy?

Some might think it’s impossible to acquire another loan after a bout of foreclosure or bankruptcy in their life. On the contrary, some lending companies do provide mortgage loans to those who have a history with financial difficulties. With some effort, you may still be able to get that mortgage for your dream home.

It is recommended to forgo getting a loan within a span of 2 to 3 years. These times will be well spent in repairing your damaged credit rating, and will allow you ample time to start over again from scratch.  In the meantime, you still can move into your dream home.  Places like BadCreditHomeFinder.com can help you own a home while you fix your credit.

Fix the problem

A damaged credit rating is a big obstacle to buying a home, but that does not mean you should give up. If you follow the traditional route to buying a home, repairing your credit is a must. Follow these tips to repair your credit score

1. Try to get a credit report and check out each item carefully. Take note of those transactions which gives you a negative credit rating. Paying online can help you keep your payments on time. This might take some time depending on the number of transactions you made with late payments, but everything will all add up in the long run.

2. It is quite possible to obtain a loan even after foreclosure and bankruptcy issues; it is true that its impossible to get low interest rates from lending companies on the first hand; but as you continue to do on-time payments then you are well on your way to repairing your damaged credit. If the company notices that you’ve been making on-time payment on a regular basis then they might award you by lowering your interest rates.

3. Getting a new and secured credit card is a good way to improve your credit rating. Try to make on time payments with your new credit card for a year to show the lending organization that you are financially stable and your past woes are now erased from history.

Finding a lender for your new home

It will be quite difficult in finding a new mortgage lender that will provide you with the best deals for your dream home, but never impossible. It is true that your past bout with foreclosure and bankruptcy damaged your credit thus earning you higher interest rates than normal from lenders around the city.

There are two ways to go for a loan even with a damaged credit: one, you can scout around for lenders with manageable interest rates and continually pay on-time so that they can lower the interest rates with your timely payments. Similarly, there are some mortgage lenders who will give people a second chance, but things are tighter than than they used to be.

Surfing the internet is a great way in finding a lender that will suit your needs. Online mortgage brokers will go out of their way to help you out even if you have a damaged credit record. Also, some online lending companies give low interest rates even to ones with bad credit record; try to keep an eye out for these sites since you can get back to them later to compare terms and agreements, conditions and interest rates.

If traditional lenders fail

Your best bet would be to think outside the normal avenues.  Sites like BadCreditHomeFinder.com can help you get into a home while you improve your credit.

You may need to use one of these sub prime lenders because traditional lenders typically will not approve you for a mortgage until you get your credit repaired.  Although the current environment makes it more difficult to get a sub prime mortgage, you should still pursue this avenue to see whether you can qualify.

Even with bad credit, sub prime and high-risk mortgage lenders do business with people who have credit ratings of 650 and below. The standard score for any traditional lender is 660 and above. Often time, traditional lenders will even raise the requirement to 670 just to be sure that the risk is less when giving out the loan.

You can find sub prime and high risk mortgage lenders online, where you can see their current requirements. Again, you can find lots of credit card companies that issue credit cards for people with poor credit.

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