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Florida is a tourist haven with a great climate (check our weather for hurricanes!), and abundance of tourist resorts along the coast down to the Florida Keys and into the Gulf of Mexico. Inland around Orlando, the very popular Disney Theme parks.

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Florida Days Out

Florida Days Out around Orlando

Florida is a popular destination for holiday makers from around the word and throughout the year. The weather is excellent year round and there are plenty of opportunities for Florida Days Out. The best place to stay is in or around Orlando where many of the activities are based. With so many places to visit close by it is impossible to see them all.

The Kennedy Space Center is only an hour away from Orlando and has a space shuttle which is open to visitors as well as a rocket garden and the launch gantries for the Apollo programme. The Epcot Center is a superb theme park in which the visitor can tour mock ups of many countries, each country with its own souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants selling national products and food. The day ends here with a spectacular display of fireworks.

For a day at a theme park where you can chill out, Disney`s Typhoon Lagoon has a powerful wave machine, water shutes and rapids. Visitors can snorkel or scuba dive next to large tanks of sharks and tropical fish.

Florida Days Out – Theme Parks

One of the Florida Days out  has to include at least one day at a Disney theme park but there is some beautiful scenery to enjoy in this vast state as well. Take a Florida adventure tour up the picturesque Crystal River to visit and swim with the manatees before heading for the Homosassa State Wildlife Park to enjoy the wildlife and Florida`s natural beauty.

There are many wild life spots to enjoy in Florida. At Tampa Bay it is possible to view manatees in the wild and there is a viewing centre at Electric Beach opposite the Power Station that pumps out warm water which attracts this rare species.

Clearwater makes a great location for a day trip. Take the Clearwater screamer, alleged to be the largest speed boat in the world, which takes the visitor into the open Gulf to spot dolphins. The machine at the rear of the boat which foams the water attracts dolphins which then follow the boat. The captain turns the boat around and begins to follow the dolphins, so it is always best to get a seat at the rear.

St Austin Alligator Farm is one of the oldest zoological attractions in Florida, opening in the 1890s and here the visitor can see albino alligators from the Louisiana bayous as well as salt water crocodiles, Cayman and gharial. There is also an exotic bird and mammal section which includes several different endangered species of monkey.

St Petersburg offers the visitor some of the best beaches along the Gulf coast and is only a 2 hour drive from Orlando. Here the visitor can enjoy the quiet side of the city with beachside bars and cafes and a laid back atmosphere, or head for the pier where there are several shops and restaurants to enjoy.

As Orlando is only 1 hour away from the east and Gulf coasts there are many beach resorts worth visiting. Daytona Beach allows the visitor to drive along the sand and park up to sunbathe, making it ideal for families with young children. Here, the water side is shallow and gently sloping for safe bathing. Surf boards, body boards and quad bikes can be hired on the beach and beach cafe prices are cheaper than in Orlando.

Ultimately, Orlando has something for everyone and there are plenty of cheap holidays available all year round.

Tips to buy a house in Florida

Locations in Florida

If you are planning to move to Florida, you must be looking for tips and advice on making your move easy for you as well as helping you to buy a home in Florida. The first and the most important thing which all people willing to buy a house in Florida look for is location. You will find all kinds of locations in Florida, from rural ones to the more important cultural centres. Most of the rural areas do not provide a lot of facilities, such as public transport, and convenience of access to some of the important areas in town, whereas the more cultural parts are always bustling with activity and excitement. Florida also has a number of lakes and rivers which provide great fishing and boating experience to the residents. Then there is always an option to buy beachfront property, but it will have its own drawbacks, such as the possibility of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Florida Weather

Weather is also an option to consider when buying property in Florida. The northern regions to south of Tampa are very cold in winters, the Gulf and Atlantic coats stay cool in summers, whereas the centre of Florida stays hot and humid during summers. So before you buy any property, make sure you research the area well, get familiar with the weather as well as the attractions in the area. You will also need to check if there are any local churches, schools, or clubs nearby which you or your family may be interested in.

Types of Florida Property

Once you have decided on the location, the next thing to consider is the type of house you want to buy. For example, whether you want a single family home, a townhouse or a condo? You might even be interested in a mobile home. The type of home you are looking for will decide the locality to some extent as the homeowners associations are quite strict about the type of homes and number of homes in a locality. You can even look for a condo in an apartment complex, as it might be more convenient and affordable for many people.

The kind of house you plan to buy will decide your maintenance costs, as well as the amount you will have to spend on repairs and security. A mobile home, for instance, will not provide safety during storms and will also not be a good option if you are in a flood zone. On the other hand, a condo in an apartment complex will only require you to replace or maintain anything which falls within the walls of the condo, as anything outside is usually considered public property. If you buy a single family home or a townhouse, then you will have to spend money on general repairs around the house, such as roof replacements etc, to make sure the house is secure in stormy weather.

When ever you plan to buy property, make sure you have a home inspection inspector review it to find any problems in the house before you buy it. This way, you will be saved from spending a lot of money on something which might be its worth.

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Family Vacations in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular places to visit for families as it gives a number of vacationing spots, including beaches on both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. These places are not only ideal for kids, but they also provide equal entertainment to teenagers and adults. Some of the most best known vacation spots for families are listed below:

Orlando’s Theme Parks – Theme parks in Orlando are a great time to visit on special occasions such as on Christmas and Mardi Gras Weekends. The best time to visit Disney World is in May and you can also visit the theme parks on Star Wars Weekends which provide a lot of fun and entertainment not only to kids, but also to grown ups.

Orlando Resorts – All the 22 themed Disney World resorts are ideal for family fun. These resorts also have hotels close by, providing accommodations to guests who have come from far away. The resorts include waterparks, ice caves, and also provide acres and acres of nature trails which you can enjoy horse-riding.

Florida’s Space Coast – The 72 miles of shore east of Orlando is known as Florida’s Space Coast. The place is worth visiting and has saltwater estuaries, marshes and miles of wildlife refuges and also has cute towns such as Cocoa which are worth visiting.

Treasure Coast – Treasure Coast is located further south in Florida, and has beautiful beaches which are ideal for surfing. The beaches also have coral reef and are a great place for families to enjoy.

Snorkelling in Cheeca- If you want to do some snorkelling, then grab your scuba gear and swim with fish in the saltwater lagoon in Cheeca. The place has North America’s only natural coral reef and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The place also offers an award-winning marine education awareness program which is ideal for children between the ages 6 – 12.

Everglades National Park – The Everglades National Park provides education as well as fun to kids as it provides a great opportunity to its visitors to learn about its unique ecosystem. It is a wonderful place to visit and is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and from the busy beaches.

Clearwater Beach – Also known as Orlando’s Beach, the St. Pete Clearwater Beach is located in the west coast area, two hours east of Orlando. The place is ideal for nature outings and you can enjoy dolphin spotting and shelling at this beach. There is even a pirate cruise which you can enjoy with the family.

Busch Gardens – This theme park has loads of fun rides from roller coasters to water rides along with a lovely African themed park which is house to elephants, giraffes, rhinos and other animals. You will need a full day to enjoy the beauty and activities offered by this park.

There are many more spots ideal for family vacations in Florida. Most of these places also offer special instructions and courses for kids and teenagers while others provide such a wide variety of activities that you will be surprised yourself.

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